William Callison

Academic Appointments

Institute for Advanced Study (2021-22)

Member in the School of Social Science 

Lafayette College (2019-21)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Government and Law 


Ph.D.  University of California, Berkeley (2019)

Political Science, Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory

M.A.  University of California, Berkeley (2013)

Political Science

M.A.  Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2011)



B.A.    University of Virginia (2009)

Political and Social Thought, with high distinction, Phi Beta Kappa

Visiting Positions 

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (Summer 2019)

IES Fellow & Visiting Researcher

University of Vienna (Spring 2019)

Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Research Fellow

University of Frankfurt a.M. & Institut für Sozialforschung (2015-16)

DAAD Graduate Scholar & Visiting Fellow

Columbia University (Spring 2014)

Graduate Exchange Scholar


Book Reviews

Review of Neil Vallelly, Futilitarianism: Neoliberalism and the Production of Uselessness (Goldsmiths Press, 2021) in Theory & Event (Fall 2022).

"The Non-Crisis of Precarity Capitalism?" Review Symposium on  Capitalism on Edge: How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis Or Utopia by Albena Azmanova, in Critical Horizons A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory (August 2022).

Review of Jessica Whyte, The Morals of the Market: Human Rights and the Rise of Neoliberalism in Perspectives on Politics (Winter 2021).

Review of Thomas Biebricher, The Political Theory of Neoliberalism in Contemporary Political Theory (February 2020).

Public Writing

"Coronapolitics from the Reichstag to the Capitol" (with Quinn Slobodian), Boston Review (January 2021).

In German:  "Querdenker: Der Aufstand des Mittelstands," Zeit Online (April 3, 2021).

In Spanish: "El auge del ‘diagonalismo,’" Política Exterior (Mayo/Junio 2021).

In Danish (interview): Kåre Holm Thomsen, "Populismens efterfølger" Weekendavisen (Feb 23, 2021).

In Dutch (interview): Seije Slager, "De nieuwe protestbeweging: Het wantrouwen tegen de macht wordt een politiek verdienmodel" Trouw (Feb 3, 2021).

In Croatian (coverage): "Nakon populizma – dijagonalizam?"

"A Tale of Two Ordos: German Nationalism in Brown and Red" (with Quinn Slobodian), ROAR Magazine (Summer 2020).

"Dead Again? Mutant Neoliberalism and Crisis Reinvention" (with Zachary Manfredi), LPE Blog (April 2020).

"Pop-Up Populism: The Failure of Left-Wing Nationalism in Germany" (with Quinn Slobodian), Dissent (Summer 2019).

In French: “Rideau sur un coup de théâtre populiste de la gauche allemande” in AOC: Analyse, Opinion, Critique (Sept. 3, 2019).


“Movements of Counter-Speculation: A Conversation with Michel Feher,” interviewed by William Callison, Los Angeles Review of Books  (July 12, 2019).

"S’émanciper de l’émancipation: Entretien avec Wendy Brown," interviewed by William Callison and Michel Feher, Mouvements, Issue 97, No. 1 (2019).

Interview with Thomas Biebricher, “Return or Revival: The Ordoliberal Legacy” in Near Futures Online, “Europe at a Crossroads,” Issue 1 (March 2016).

In French: “Résurgence ou renaissance: l’héritage ordoliberal,” Vacarme 80 (Été 2017).

Interview with Sonja Buckel, “Welcome Management: Making Sense of the ‘Summer of Migration’” in Near Futures Online, “Europe at a Crossroads,” Issue 1 (March 2016).

In French: “L’hospitalité néolibérale: une lecture de l’été des migrations,” Vacarme 76 (Été 2016).

Interview with Claus Offe, “The Fate of an Impasse: Europe, Year 2015” (interviewed by William Callison, Jonathan Klein and Johann Szews), Near Futures Online, “Europe at a Crossroads,” Issue 1 (March 2016).

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